Sunday, 28 April 2013


What's that lurking deep in my coat pocket
It's sticky and yucky, I don't wanna touch it
Covered in fluff
It's really sticky stuff
But tastes like a pear drop so may as well suck it

What's that lurking deep inside my bag
Was it something that I ate, it's making me gag
Shall I ignore
The rotten apple core
Or pop to the shops to buy another bag

What's that lurking underneath my bed?
A simple cup of milk... Now filling me with dread
Green and slimy
Why does it scare me?
Hide it back away… let mum find it instead

What's that lurking deep inside my ear
Mum says cabbages could grow where I hear
Shall I dig it out?
Plant a Brussel sprout?
Or stick it to my finger to see the girls fear

What's that lurking underneath my shirt
Peaking from my belly button… senses are alert
Did it crawl inside
Hitching a free ride
Or is it just fluff and hair, all wrapped up with dirt!

What's that lurking in-between my toes
I saw it there yesterday; I'm sure that it grows
Wipe it on my finger
Let the smell just linger
A dark and musty scent going up my nose

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