Saturday, 22 June 2013

What if planes had feathers spread along their wings...

What if planes had feathers
Spread along their wings
Would their engines roar
Or would they whistle and sing

Would they land upon a tree
And stop there for a while
A treehouse for an airport
Making passengers smile

Do they take off on their feet
Rather than their wheels
A hop, skip and a great big jump
Making passengers squeal

Where would everyone sit?
Maybe riding on their back..
Holding tight onto their hats
While eating airline snacks

What about the pilots
How would they fly that plane?
Riding up behind the head
Pulling left and right with reins

Stopping for a fill up
No jet fuel for this plane
Just a bag of seeds and nuts
Before setting off again

Travelling the seven continents
Upon a large majestic bird
Soaring on up through the sky
Is it really so absurd

Rather than metal bodies
And steel bolts and springs
Wouldn't it be nice if planes
Had feathers on their wings

(c) Mark Sage 2013

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