Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Theres an itch in my nose I give it a tickle
That's more than an itch, now this is a pickle
There something there, it's hard and crusty
I know this feeling, it a great big bogie!

Sitting in class there's kids all around
It has to come out, it's now making a sound
Singing like a whistle with every snort
I cant get it here, we'll have to abort

Raising my hand I ask for the toilet
Teachers not sure, "are you really desperate"
Fighting the urge to pluck it out there
I pretend I can't hold it and start shaking the chair

Thinking me ready to pee on the floor
Teacher sends me running out of the door
Can't wait any longer, I need it out
Its gonna be a big one, of that there's no doubt

Into my nose a long finger slides
There I can feel it, stuck fast to the side
Delving in deep my nail gets a grip
I tug it and pull it  in the hope it'll slip

But it wont budge, this stubborn piece of mucus
Going to have delve deeper and give it some focus
Using my thumb I give it a flick
And finally to bogie begins to unstick

Coming behind I hear teachers footsteps
Oh no this isn't good,  I've had no time to prep
The bogie in hand I have to get rid
I can't really tell teacher what I just did

No hankie in pocket or toilet close by
There only one option I have left to try
Slipping my thumb into my mouth
I scoop off the bogie and swallow it south

Thinking me finished I'm sent back to class
And I give a big grin as I'm walking past
The teacher doesn't really know why I am smilin'
But it's just because my bogie tastes like chicken

(C) Mark Sage 2013

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