Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Monster Called Jack

Jack was a monster
Who lived in monster land
He looked like me and you
With two legs, two arms and hands

But Jack was not the same
For right upon his head
Where two eyes should have lived
He had three there instead

The other monsters ran
When they saw him from afar
For two eyes is ok
But three is just bazaar

The first eye could look left
The other to the right
But the one right in the centre
Could see everything at night

Now Jack would go to school
But not the way you do
He'd hide in a dark cupboard
And no one had a clue

He'd listen to the teacher
Reading all his books
Using his middle eye
To see in his dark nook

When the sun went down
He'd play some little games
Hiding in the shadows
But playing all the same

Wishing he had friends
Who he could play with too
Someone to throw a ball
Someone just like you

Then one day it all changed
When Jack helped save the day
Using his monster talents
In his very special way

For there were many monsters
And some were pretty big
In fact some were humongous
Especially one called Zig

Zig was bigger than Jack
And bigger than a tree
In fact Zig was so ginormous
He could drink a whole blue sea

One day he was feeling hungry
And spied Jack's little town
He saw his little school
And gulped it all straight down

Sitting in Zigs belly
The school was all pitch black
But one little monster could see
That monsters name was Jack

He climbed out from his cupboard
While Zig was having a doze
And climbed up from his tummy
So he could tickle Zigs nose

Now when Zig felt the tickle
He had a sneeze attack
And said ACHHOOO!!! so loudly
That he sent the school right back

Jack become a hero
For helping save the school
And all the other monsters said
"Jack, you really are quite cool"

Now Jack still goes to school
But he doesn't hide away
Instead he sits right at the front
As no one runs away

He's still a little monster
With three eyes upon his head
But no ones scared of how he looks
And they play with him instead

(c) Mark Sage 2013
Illustrated by Heath Sage


  1. Nice creative poem! Good message behind it too. By the way, thanks for putting my site in your blogroll! :D


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