Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dads Travels

Dads gone off in a great big plane
He's got meetings and people to see
Being away for the whole of the week
Just sounds so boring to me

I imagine he's flying to Africa
Where lions and zebras roam free
Perhaps he's out riding elephants
Or eating fat bugs for his tea

Or maybe going to where its so cold
Heading north, straight to the Pole
Fighting off big white polar bears
And fishing for food through a hole

He could be a spy chasing down Mr Big
With speedboats and flying cars
Drinking fruit smoothie, shaken not stirred
While saving the world from a-far

What if he's hunting for treasure
Hidden by pirates somewhere
Finding chests full of diamonds and gold
And a pirate hat that I can wear

Or he could be searching for dinosaurs
In deepest, darkest Brazil
Bringing me back a T-Rex egg
Which we hatch on my window sill

Maybe he's a great astronaut
Flying to space in a rocket
Helping to fix the space station
With his hammer, screwdriver and socket

Climbing the highest mountain
Reaching the very peak
Trekking up and down Everest
Can he do that in just a week?

Can't wait till he back from his travels
For all the stories he'll tell
But most of all i'll just miss him
And he misses me as well


  1. Great poem, Mark! That makes me wonder, why don't people do THOSE things instead of boring business stuff?


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